ABK Weaving Center offers classes through Milwaukee Recreation. To sign up head over to www.MilwaukeeRecreation.net

Fall 2019


Basics and Beyond- unless noted all skill levels welcome

M 10:00-12:30 9/23-11/18

T 6:00-8:30 9/24-11/12

W 6:00-88:30 9/25-11/13

W 8:30-1:30 9/25-10/23 (beg)

W 9:30-1:30 9/25-10/23 (int/adv)

TH 6:00-8:30 9/26-11/14

Sa 9:00-11:30 9/28-11/16



 6:00-8:30 9/25-10/29


Intro to Bobbin Lace

 9/19 & 9/21 1:00-3:00


Bobbin Lace

 M 1:00-3:00 9/23-11/18


More Basics and Beyond

W 9:00-1:00 10/30-11/13


Not you’re Grandmas Knitting

TH 4:00-6:00 9/26-11/14


Rigid Heddle

M 6:00-8:30 10/7-10/21


Math for Weavers

Sa 1:00-3:45 10/12


Twined Rag Rugs

Tu 1:00-3:30


Wet Felted Centerpiece Mat            

Learn how to wet felt a fabulous centerpiece mat for your table. Use felt, Merino roving, in different colorways, extra embellishments, and (optional), add your own wool yarn to customize your design. There are many possibilities for designs including a flower motif, or even a butterfly shape. Some upper body strength is necessary for felting, but we can adapt.

 Wed. Oct. 9

6-9 PM


Basket in a day

10/5 9-3



Coiled Basket

11/12-11/13 5:30-8:30



Zen Stitch

Stitching by hand is a way to stimulate your inner creativity and become present in the moment.  In this class we will explore Zen stitchery through hand sewing, embroidering, and embellishing with beads, buttons and baubles as a way to transform materials while relaxing and letting go of everyday worries.  You can stitch away for the sheer pleasure of doing so, or work toward a creative project to tell your personal story through a pillow, book cover, bag or even a small quilt.

9/25-10/23 1-3:30


Crochet Around the Block

Aka Granny's got her groove back. You can make an afghan, a throw, a shawl, and numerous other awesome things, and it all starts with the crocheted block. These granny squares are nothing if not cool. Make one and get ideas for many others.  Supply fee 5 dollars.

10/4-10/18 2:30-5